The SYMON Monitoring Plugin for Dell EMC Isilon monitors the status of a complete Isilon cluster. It checks the hardware status of the different components of each node. It also monitors the utilization rate of the nodes, which may trigger an alert in the event of one-sided loading. The plugin connects to the system via REST (https) and thus does not require any special tools or additional ports.

Collector Isilon Monitor:Main data collector check.
UNRESOLVED EVENTS:Checks the Isilon for unresolved Events.
STORAGEPOOLS:Checks for Percent Pool usage.
CONNECTION STATISTICS CIFS:Checks the number of connections.
CONNECTION STATISTICS NFS:Checks the number of connections.
NETWORK INTERFACES:Checks the Ethernet ports if they are online.
SERVICE STATUS FTP:Checks if the FTP Service is enabled or disabled.
SERVICE STATUS HDFS:Checks if the HDFS service is enabled or disabled.
SERVICE STATUS HTTP:Checks if the HTTP Service is enabled or disabled.
SERVICE STATUS NDMP:Checks if the NDMP service is enabled or disabled.
SERVICE STATUS NFS:Checks if the NFS Service is enabled or disabled.
SERVICE STATUS SMB:Checks if the SMB Service is enabled or disabled.
LICENSE EXPIRATION:Checks for a valid licencefile.
STATISTICS DRIVE:Checks the Drives latency.
STATISTICS SYSTEM:Checks all System Nodes for 'cpu' usage.
POWER SUPPLIES:Checks the status of the power supplies on all nodes.
NVRAM BATTERIES:Checks the status of the NVRAM Batteries.
CHASSIS TEMPERATURE:Checks all Nodes for temperature Values.
The architecture is based on an active/passive concept. There are active checks to be execuetd with BINARY. The collector check connects to the memory and collects all the required data. Then it checks whether a passive check is set up for all discovered components in the configuration. If this is the case, the passive check is updated with the status information. If no passive check is found, an example configuration will be saved under /tmp/check_avamar/avamar_alt.cfg and the main collector check will issue a warning to inform about configuration changes. The check_freshness BINARY, which is executed if a passive check did not receive new status information for a longer period of time, is included in all passive checks. This concept allows a resource-efficient operation and gives the plugin the possibility to determine the configuration automatically.
Isilon Systems
  • 8.0
  • EL 6/7
  • Supported OP5 release
  • nagios version 3.5.1 and version 4.0.8 or newer
  • python2.6/2.7
  • pynag
  • Libpqxx
  • jsoncpp
Release 1.0.0
  • Initial Release