The SYMON Monitoring Plugin for Dell EMC DataDomain monitors hardware, CPU capacity, network connections, and the status of hard drives. It provides values for the volume of data used and the compression factor, as well as information on network traffic, status of replication and service monitoring (DD Boost, VTL, ...). Status reports for all network ports as well as traffic of data are available at any time and essential for trend and performance anlyses.

Data CollectorMain data collector check.
Alert CheckChecks for unhandled alerts on the Data Domain.
CIFS StatisticsChecks for CIFS Statistics.
CIFS Status CheckChecks for CIFS Status.
CompressionChecks for the compression factor and reduction.
CpuChecks for DataDomain CPU Usage.
DDBOOSTChecks for DDBoost Status.
Disk StatusChecks for the status of the disks.
Disk utilization and throughputChecks for utilization and throughput of the disk.
EnclosureChecks for Enclosure Status.
FanChecks for DataDomain Fan Status.
File systemChecks for Filesystem Status.
InfoChecks for node information.
InterfaceChecks for Interface Status.
Interface StatisticsChecks for Interface Statistics (MB/s).
MemoryChecks for memory and SWAP usage of the System.
NFS StatisticsChecks for NFS Statistics.
NFS StatusChecks for NFS Status.
NvramChecks for NVRAM Average Time.
PowersupplyChecks for power supply status.
ReplicationChecks for the status of an replication.
Replication StatisticsChecks for Replication Statistics.
Space UsageChecks for Data Domain Space Usage
VTL StatusChecks for VTL Status.
The SYMON Monitoring Plugin for DataDomain consists of a data collector (datadomain_collector) and various checks for different components of the Dell EMC DataDomain system. The collector of the SYMON Monitoring Plugin for DataDomain defines the checking interval. If you want to check certain components every 15 minutes, you have to set the checking interval of the collector to 15 minutes. The checking interval has to be the same for all components, meaning it must be set at the interval of the component with the shortest desired checking interval.
Data Domain Systems
  • 5.4
  • 5.5
  • 5.6
  • 5.7
  • EL 6/7
  • Supported OP5 release
  • nagios version 3.5.1 and version 4.0.8 or newer
  • python2.6/2.7
Python libraries
  • Lxml
  • subprocess
  • Sys
  • Re
  • Os
  • Time
  • Paramiko

Our standard package is for python 2.6. If you need a package for python 2.7, please contact us.

Data Domain
  • ssh-access (port 22)
  • readonly user
  • password / ssh-key

For the use without a password, you will have to install the public ssh-key of the nagios daemon users on your DataDomain.

Release 2.0.7
  • BugFix - Replication Check - Status Licensed & Disabled
Release 2.0.6
  • BugFix - CPU Check - value validation
  • BugFix - Data Collector - invalid values from DataDomain
  • BugFix - Compression Check - empty values
  • BugFix - Collector - DDOS Version 5.5.0.x
  • BugFix - Collector - CPU for Version 5.4.1.x
  • FeatureEnhancement - information check - In case of missing information, it shows the remaining available information.
Release 2.0.5
  • Documentation improvements
Release 2.0.4
  • Enhancement - Data Domain OS
  • BugFix - cifs statistics
  • Enhancement - Data Domain OS
Release 2.0.3
  • BugFix - disk status check - overall check correction
  • BugFix - fan status check - overall check correction
  • BugFix - power status check - overall check correction
Release 2.0.2
  • BugFix - alert check - counter correction
Release 2.0.1
  • BugFix - collector - fan state
Release 2.0.0
  • 2.0 release